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  • Dr. David Buck, D.C.

    Dr. Buck provides a unique approach to natural chiropractic care. He has been in private practice as a Chiropractor for over 25 years. His mastery level of understanding the spine, nervous system and the body-mind complex allows him the skill necessary to assist people in their quest for greater health and well-being. Dr. Buck graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1988. Read More...

  • About Network Care

    It is important to remember that the natural state of all living things is EASE. Each of us is capable of finding our way back from physical, emotional, and chemical stress overloads to our natural state. This journey is called HEALING. Healing is what we are all here for, and the purpose of NSA is to assist you in your process by removing interference in your nervous system with gentle, honoring spinal entrainment. Read More...

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